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Lithuania - SIM cards

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General Information

Lithuania has three physical network operators <and their prepaid brand names>:

  • Tele2 (by the Swedish Tele2 Group) <Pildyk>
  • Omnitel (by the Swedish TeliaSonera Group) <Ežys>
  • Bitė <Labas>

All 3 networks cover the country in 2G on 900 and 1800 Mhz. 3G is covered by Tele2 (74,2 % on -95 dBm) and Onmitel (97,3% on -95 dBm) on 2100 Mhz. Bitė (68,0% on -95 dBm) is covered on 900 and 2100 Mhz. 4G/LTE has started on Tele2 and Omnitel, but only in the big cities so far.


You can find the newest and very detailed information about coverage (GSM and UMTS) of all network operators here: The mobile networks expected coverage zones. It includes a map of all operators (you have to change layers) with expected GSM and UMTS coverage calculations based on measurements from an independent auditor (rrt.lt). You can also find various regions' information about percentage coverage with different mobile signal strengths for GSM (-95 dBm, -85 dBm, -75 dBm) and UMTS (-105 dBm, -95 dBm, -75 dBm) networks.


The 3 networks sell their prepaid lines under different names: Pildyk, Labas and Ežys with very similar rates. Prepaid SIM cards are available in the stores of the providers, petrol stations, supermarkets, news-stands and other agencies where you find top-up vouchers too. No ID is needed for purchase.


There is also another mobile internet provider LRTC which uses WiMAX (IEEE 802.16) technology marketed under the brand name Mezon. In July 2014 telecommunications startup Cheap Data Communications introduced Local Breakout (LBO) technology, meaning people coming to Lithuania can still use their home operators SIM card for voice and calls and switch only for data.


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Pildyk (by Tele2)



Tele2 has average coverage in 3G (74,2 % on -95 dBm signal strength) Tele2 coverage map. 4G has been started in smaller towns (not big cities) but is not available for prepaid yet. Their prepaid brand is called "Pildyk".


Availability and start-up

A new card is sold for 4.50 LTL at Tele2 stores (list)and small stores all over the country like Maxima, Iki or Rimi stores. They contain an amount of 4.5 LTL. Be careful because checking the balance and booking packages costs 0.16 LTL! But it's also possible for free via their smartphone app (Android App) or on the Internet (mano.pildyk.lt).


Data feature packages

Default rate is 0.90 LTL per MB. These packages can be booked on the SIM:

  • 1 day, 20 MB, 0.60 LTL (0.70 LTL without discount), Code: N1
  • 7 days, 150 MB, 2.50 LTL (3.50 LTL without discount), Code: N7
  • 30 days, 1 GB, 7 LTL, Code: N30
  • 30 days, 3 GB, 18 LTL (21 LTL without discount), Code: N3GB

Send the code on SMS to 1556 (0.16 LTL) to activate your data package. These will not be renewed automatically and out of bundle use is charged by the default rate. You can check current rates here: http://www.pildyk.lt...tarifai/narsyk/.


There is special promtion (until 31/08/2014) for free internet (like with Labas), talking and sending SMS between Pildyk users in summer nights from 23 to 6. To get this offer you have to top up your account by any amount of Litas. More information. If you exceed 15 GB of data, your internet speed might be reduced to 512 kbit/s

  • APN: internet.tele2.lt


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Labas (by Bitė)





Bitė has the lowest (68,0% on -95 dBm signal strength) coverage on 3G in Lithuania. Very similar to Tele2 (74,2 % on -95 dBm signal strength). Bitė's Coverage Map. They don't have started 4G for now. Bitė plans to start 4G+ LTE Advanced (which is backward compatible to 4G LTE) mobile internet in the 5 biggest Lithuania's cities from 2015 spring (it probably won't be available for prepaid users from the beginning). Users can "try" Bitė's 4G+ LTE Advanced internet at some Wi-Fi (AC) hotspots in Palanga and Nida. Bitė's 4G+ LTE Advanced Wi-Fi (AC) hotspots and other general info. The prepaid line is called "Labas".


Availability and start-up

The prepaid SIM card can be bought at Bitė stores (list) and many more outlets like Rimi, Iki, Norfa, Maxima and others where recharge vouchers can be found too for 5 LTL or more with the same credit on.


Data feature packages

These packages can be booked:

  • MINUTE [MINUTE] gives unlimited data (valid until you have credit in your account or you cancel it, cost 0.01 LTL/min);
  • DIENA [DAY] gives 10 MB (valid for 24 hours, costs 1 LTL, this tariff is activated if you start using data without any plan);
  • SAVAITE [WEEK] gives 250 MB (valid for 7 days, costs 3 LTL);
  • MENUO [MONTH] gives 1 GB (valid for 30 days, costs 8 LTL, discounted to 5 LTL for some specific card plans' users);

You can check current tariffs here: http://www.labas.lt/...rnetas-telefone.


Right now (until 30/11/2014) there is a special campaign called LABAS NAKTYS [LABAS NIGHTS]. You have to send RUDUO [AUTUMN] to 1550 (free) if you want to get this offer. You can use unlimited mobile internet every day from 11 PM to 6 AM and send SMS messages to all Lithuanian (not to Premium-rate numbers) networks. You can also do that on the self-service website mano.labas.lt. You could get similar offerings in the past years too (it is somewhat of tradition). Similar thing to this is also offered for Pildyk users. Offering for Pildyk users is a slightly better because of free voice chats between Pildyk users, however free SMS messages are limited only to Pildyk users.


Once you have a Labas SIM card you just need send an SMS to 1500 to activate your data, this SMS will cost 0.16 LTL. The SMS should contain one of the words: MINUTE, MENUO, SAVAITE, DIENA. If you want to cancel your internet plan, you have to send SMS message containing WAP- to 1500 (0.16 LTL). You won't lose the current data packages you have booked, they just won't be renewed. You can also try to use 1550 (free) instead of 1500 (0.16 LTL). It might work. Also you can do everything on the self-service website mano.labas.lt for free.

  • APN: wap.biteplius.lt


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Ežys (by Omnitel)




Omnitel has the best overall coverage (97,3% on -95 dBm) in 3G: Omnitel Coverage Map. 4G/LTE has started but is not yet available for prepaid. Their prepaid brand is called "Ežys".


Availability and start-up

The Ežys SIM is available for 5 LTL with the same credit on it in Omnitel stores (list) and at Iki, Rimi, Norfa, Maxima and other outlets where you can buy top-up vouchers too.


Data feature packages

Default rate is 0.9 LTL/10 MB. They offer the following packages:

  • XS: 100 MB, free, can be booked only once, code: +AKC XS
  • S: 500 MB per month, 4.90 LTL, code: +NARSYK S
  • M: 1 GB per month, 7.90 LTL, code: +NARSYK M
  • L: 2 GB per month, 13.90 LTL, code: +NARSYK L

You can also check current tariffs here: http://www.ezys.lt/i...i-narsyk/192431.


Once you have a SIM card you just need send code to 1566 to activate your pack. This SMS will cost 0.09 LTL, These packages will automatically renew if there is credit. To stop, text NARSYK to 1566 (0.09 LTL). To avoid the SMS charges you can use the Ežys app (Android app) for smartphones instead. Overuse or out of bundle use is billed with the default rate.

  • APN: omnitel


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Mezon (by LRTC)




With Mezon you can get fast (up to 10 Mbit/s download speed) and really unlimited (without bandwidth reduction) mobile internet in the cities and towns. Mezon coverage. You can find almost all necessary information in the website mezon.lt and selecting "EN" from "LT" in the language selection box.


Prepaid cost 0.20 LTL per MB (20 LTL for 1 GB). The package for prepaid (with USB modem) cost 199 LTL and has 20 LTL credit in it. The speed is up to 10 Mb/s download.


Be aware: Mezon uses WiMAX, not a GSM-based technology. Your phone, router or modem will NOT work with it. You need to buy a new device like an USB modem which can hardly be used anywhere else. As we normally feature only GSM-based systems, this should be once again emphasized.


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Cheap Data Communications 



Cheap Data Communications offers "unlimited" mobile internet for travelers visiting Lithuania. It works with your home SIM card using "Local Breakout technology" (LBO).


Local Breakout Technology 

By allowing LBO from summer 2014, the EU likes to improve competition. Here you can still use your old home SIM and its number for calls and texts, while switching to another operator for data services. This gives the advantage that you are still available on your old mobile number and you don't need to buy a 2nd SIM card. So LBO can be a valid compromise between EU/international roaming and buying a local SIM. Likewise, it's cheaper than roaming but more expensive than a local SIM card.


Setup instructions 

Mobile device APN settings must be changed in order to use this service once in Lithuania:

  1. manually set mobile network to 'bite'
  2. set your apn to 'euinternet'
  3. turn mobile data and data roaming on
  4. open http://go.cheapdata.com

More detailed setup instruction can be found at https://www.cheapdat.../#/instructions. Cheap data uses the Bite network. For coverage see Bite above.


Data plans 

Currently plans for 1 day and 1 week are offered, for 5 EUR and 12 EUR respectively. Users can enjoy full 3G speed. 200 MB per day are offered at full speed. Once limit is reached, fair usage policies applies and bandwidth capacity is reduced to an undisclosed speed. More info:http://www.cheapdata.com


Source: http://prepaidwithdata.wikia.com

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