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Japan - SIM cards

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Posted 23 August 2013 - 09:36 AM

General Information

There are three major mobile network operator (MNO) Docomo, Softbank and KDDI(AU). But Docomo and KDDI has no prepaid sim only plan. Softbank has prepaid sim only plan but the service is mainly for the voice. B Mobile (MVNO of Docomo) only has the prepaid sim plan for data.
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B Mobile

  • Non-Visitor version

Visitors can purchase data-only SIM cards with no restrictions. B Mobile SIM cards can be purchased in major electronics stores, such as Yodobashi, Bic Camera. However the minimum purchase is for 3 months or more in these stores. 1GB card is also available in selected store but note the activation process in the next paragraph.

There are 1-month plans and 1GB card, but those cards must be purchased online. The official website is only in Japanese. You can have the card delivered on a specific day within a 3 hours window, to any Japanese address such as a hotel you'll be staying. You can also purchase the same sim in Amazon.co.jp. This website can be changed to English but the product's name is displayed in Japanese. Automated activation is free with a Japanese mobile phone. Otherwise 2500yen activation fee applies and the staffed helpline for manual activation is not open on weekends or holidays.

  • Visitor version


If you wish to purchase more easily, there is official English website where you can purchase SIM cards. They are the visitor version. The validity is only 14 days and also cost 3980yen which is more than the non-Visitor version. They can be picked up at the major japanese airports with additional 210yen. They are delivered ready to use and no activation required. There are two types of sim:

  • b-mobile visitor sim 1GB prepaid. This product includes 1GB of data up to 14Mbps speed which can be used for every internet services include Skype. This sim is only valid for 14 days.
  • b-mobile visitor sim 14 days prepaid. This product includes up to 300kbps speed data access. VOIP, movie and other streaming contents are strongly restricted.


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Sally's Rental




Only for using data communications, this is the cheapest rental service.1 week rental cost 3,255 JPY.





Card must be activated by using a Japanese mobile phone to a toll-free number, OR a toll call through any other means (such as Skype). English speaking customer service reps are available. Once the call is made, the card is valid for 10 days. They will send a confirmation number by snail mail to you. Once that confirmation number is sent back to them (through e-mail), the card will become fully activated. However, if you are purchasing from econnectjapan, you do not need to activate. They do it for you and you can use it straight away.


Cost for 1 month (free shipping):


"U300" 300kpbs 2980yen (mini or micro SIM)


"Platinum" "プラチナ" UMTS 5280yen (micro SIM only)


APN: comes with instruction booklet. You can clearly see what it is even if you don't read Japanese


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As the comments say, you can't get a prepay sim when you're visiting on a temporary visa. There are places that wil happly rent you a sim they own though.


http://www.jcrcorp.com of devices/sims/plans for rental. I went with an unlim data sim on NTT docomo in my unlocked iPhone - worked great even in rural areas. Not cheap, but worth it IMO. Their staff on phone and email all speak perfect english and are very helpful, Very good overview here:http://www.dannychoo...repaid SIM.html One can rent a MiFI/ pocket wifi for about 1200 yen per day: http://japanmobilerental.com





Full info: http://broadband.mb....rvice_guide.pdf




Source - http://prepaidwithdata.wikia.com

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