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Posted 21 May 2015 - 12:30 PM

Egypt is the biggest mobile phone market in Africa and has 3 network providers:
  • Mobinil
  • Vodafone
  • Etisalat
All three providers have a similar footprint and 2G and 3G in the populated areas. Mobinil used to be market leader, but lost this position in recent years to Vodafone. Etisalat is the newest arrival but almost equal in coverage now. So speed and coverage depend heavily on your local position to the closest antenna.
2G is on 900 Mhz (and 1800 Mhz - etisalat only), 3G up to HSPA+ speed on 2100 Mhz, 4G/LTE hasn't started yet.
For buying a prepaid SIM card, you have to visit one of the shops of the providers, show your passport and give them a local address (like hotel address).
Mobinil is mostly owned by Orange.
Their prepaid card is called ALO and sold in their stores for up to 50 EGP. If you don't top up within a month, your SIM will be terminated and you lose your credit.
Data feature packs
These data packs are on offer:
You can activate through your mobinil account online or from your phone: dial #100#, select "Internet & BlackBerry", select "Internet Packages", select "subscribe", select the Internet package that suits you best. You will receive a notification SMS to confirm your subscription to your preferred package. Or by calling 110 customer service.
After finishing the inclusive megabytes of your package, you have the flexibility to choose what happens next:
  • You can renew your package again with the same price and same megabytes.
  • You can purchase a package extension of 1 GB for EGP 20.
  • You can continue on the pay as you consume charging of EGP 0.25/MB.
  • To renew the package or purchase a package extension, just follow same steps for subscription but choose "Renew & Extend".
You can unsubscribe from any online package by following the same subscription steps, just choose "unsubscribe" instead of "subscribe". You can change between different packages at any time by unsubscribing from the current package and subscribing to the new preferred package and the new package will be added instantly.
More information
Voice and data plan
Vodafone in Egypt has a broad variety of different voice prepaid SIM cards with various start-up prices, validities and voice and text rates. Not all brands may be on offer in every store.
Tourists may prefer their "holiday" SIM which is sold for 20 LE including 5 LE credit in their stores. They have a validity of 40 days. Top-ups don't prolong this, you have to buy a pricey validity extension.
Default data rate
It doesn't really matter which prepaid line you have bought, as voice plans don't have an initial data credit and packages must be bought, otherwise data is activated by default on the daily plan.
Daily data plan
The daily plan is 1 LE. The maximum daily quota is 3 MB/day. The follow up rate is LE 1/MB. Customer is charged upon usage and enjoys following day for free. BlackBerrys are not eligible to this bundle. This rate is the default rate. To change plans and subscribe to the daily 1 LE bundle dial *2000*1# and from iphone dial *2000*01#
Data feature packs
Vodafone offers the following monthly data packages as add-ons to all their prepaid lines:
  • 25 LE: 1.1 GB
  • 60 LE: 4.5 GB
  • 100 LE: 7 GB
  • 160 LE: 11 GB
After quota consumption speed will decrease to 32 kbps with no extra charges. To manage your bundles you can directly dial *2000#
To request the Bundle included upon need and enjoy it once, dial *2000*10# . For iPhone customers dial *2000*010#
To automatically enjoy the Extra Bundles every month with the main bundle, dial *2000*11# . For iPhone customers dial *2000*011#.  
Bundle gigabytes expire at the monthly bundle’s renewal date. Any customer not subscribed to a bundle will be charged LE 1 daily upon usage and enjoy 3 MB/day.
Data-only plan
Furthermore, Vodafone offers data-only SIM cards, they call "USB internet plans", intentended for routers, modems and tablets. Their default rate is only 0.10 LE per MB. For every 200 MB consumed, you get 200 MB for free. Overuse is charged with 0.25 LE per MB.
They have two lines of bundles on offer with different schemes:
With the Everyday Bundles you will enjoy a quota split into: Daily Quota (MB’s to be used every day of the month) and Basic Quota (MB’s to be used within the month after finishing Daily quota). Daily quota is consumed before consuming from the Basic quota
Existing Customers on ‘Super bundles rate plans can migrate to the Everyday Bundles by sending a message to 2828 from the USB (data) line. To manage your Everyday Bundle, visit Vodafone.eg/USB.
Following add-ons to the Everyday bundlesare are available:
  • *for 10 LE: 25 MB daily data
  • *for 15 LE: 500 MB basic quote
The other line of data packs to the USB internet plans are called "Super Bundles" and a regular monthy packages:
  • 25 LE: 1.2 GB
  • 50 LE: 3 GB
  • 100 LE: 7 GB
  • 150 LE: 12 GB
  • 250 LE: 20 GB
After consuming the bundle, speed will automatically decrease to 32 Kbps . You can return to your normal speed by buying 1 GB for 20 LE To subscribe to new monthly bundles send an SMS from your device to 2828<br />
*APN: internet.vodafone.net
*Password: internet
*Username: internet
More information
Website in English
Etisalat Welcome Line
Etisalat has a variety of prepaid cards and start up packages. Visitors and tourists may prefer their Welcome Line. The starter pack is LE 20 with LE 10 credit preloaded. The line stays open for 90 days after activation.
Default data rate
The default data rate is 1.25 LE for 6 MB per day and extra MB at 25 LE/MB on all their prepaid products.
Data feature packs
These monthly packs can be booked on the SIM:
Usage out of quota is charged with 0.25 LE per MB. To subscribe call *566# for free.
These extra data add-ons can be bought, when bundle volume is used up:
*500 MB: 10 LE
*1.5 GB: 25 LE
*3 GB: 50 LE
*7 GB: 100 LE
*12 GB: 150 LE
Data-only plan
Their data-only plan is called Mongez Prepaid and for tablets, routers and modems. The following monthly bundles are available:
Overuse 1.5 GB bundle: After consuming the bundle, 20 LE will be deducted to enjoy another 1 GB, it'll be automatically deducted till your monthly bundle renewal date.
Overuse 3, 8, 14 GB bundle: When used up, data is blocked. Available add-ons: 15 LE - 1 GB, 25 LE - 2 GB.
Overuse 20 GB bundle: When used up, speed throttles to 64 Kbps, and you can buy extra 1 GB high speed for 20 LE.
For the two small packages, only one device is allowed at a time.
APN: etisalat
More information

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